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Our brief was to create a brand for a new real estate company, Step Up Real Estate. The brand needed to appeal to both the luxury and mid-market home buyers and sellers. 

Our client wanted a clean, stylish brand with an element of fun. 

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- Creative Executive, Ben Allison
- Graphic Designer, Jase Bloor

Route 1 

Our client likes brands like Tesla and Apple, so wanted a simple and clean logo but also requested something a little more mystic and spiritual. 

Route 2 

Route 2 has a sporty, high energy feel to it. The graphic can be interpreted as building blocks, steps, or ticks. Whichever way you look at it, it communicates the right message. 

Route 3 

Route three is our wildcard. Not totally 'off brief' but definitely a little different. It might work better for an interior design company but definitely good to compare and contrast.

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