Film scene before and after visual effects (VFX)

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Like a good sports referee, the best VFX Artist’s work will often go unnoticed. Yet they are key to creating a smooth flowing, blockbuster hit or TV show. A VFX Artist’s job is to use computer software to create engaging motion graphics and animation that enhances the final image. Most of their work is typically […]

Charlotte, NC Film Company: Our Process

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In this article we’ll walk you through the three main stages of film-making. Whether you’re creating a 15-second TV commercial or a feature length Hollywood movie, the basic steps are always the same: pre-production, production, and post-production. 1. Pre-Production Set Goals Before we pick up a camera, it’s important to know precisely the story we’re […]

Do I need to go to Film School to make Movies?

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Dream big, even if people around you may think you are foolish. Some of the greatest movie directors in the history of cinema didn’t have a single day of film school and somehow they made their dreams come true. Stanley Kubrick, Quentin Tarantino and the director of blockbuster hits like Terminator, Titanic or Avatar, James […]

How to add Captions to your YouTube Videos

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People need CAPTIONS with their videos – how else are they going to get away with watching videos in class, a boring meeting, or a public toilet without causing severe social embarrassment? Help them pass the day by captioning your YouTube videos. Check out this video explainer or follow the instructions below:) Here’s how: Using […]

Pokémon GO is AWESOME! No Doubt. But here are 5 other [more practical] applications for AUGMENTED REALITY.

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Even though it’s not possible to play Pokémon GO in space, according to NASA spokesman Dan Huot, even astronauts gliding around the galaxy right now know about the Augmented Reality (AR) game that swept the globe last summer (2016).  If you’ve ever played Pokemon Go or used Snapchats face-distorting camera feature, you’ve dabbled in AR. The […]